Friday, March 20, 2009

Finals week. Oof. To go into little detail, my two group projects are looking like a train wreck, my history of XX century art should be very hard (I think I can manage to cram in some studying the day before), and my information design project is actually coming along nicely.
The project is to "re-design" the Philadelphia Septa map. Seriously? In 4 weeks you want us to take a map that has been used for years that was created by some map making genius and try to improve the functionality of it? LOL. Well since improving the functionality of it is damn near impossible and dumb to even try, I decided to get try and make it more interesting. The examples that the teacher showed us all looked exactly the same. White background, colorful lines, modern fonts, fucking boring. Except for one. This kid Dan, who is a design wiz and a really cool dude. His was almost like a horizon line reading of the railways. Damn near impossble to read and follow, but the idea was awesome and the print looked good in book form.

I have been into old foreign design posters as of lately and they have kind of been running through my mind for months on end now. I have become extremely happy with the usage of cut paper and doing as little computer work as possible. It's more fulfilling to make something, scan it, and that is my project. I hate sitting and staring at illustrator all day making lines. Boring yo.
Here are some cool poster designs that helped me with ideas.
Photobucket (I don't even know what this is for, but it is amazing and has been haunting me since I saw it haha)
Photobucket(amazing stuff)
Photobucket(NYC subway map from 1976, year could be wrong)

SO that's what I've been feeling, and here is my first rough draft of some stuff thrown together.

Next week is the last week of school for this quarter. So pumped. Next quarter should be very exciting and fun. I am taking Book Arts too! I plan on making an official hard copy version of Donald Dixon's cartoon disection book, "Peep'n Toons"
His stuff is amazing and he is one of the most creative people I have ever known and I owe a lot of my recent creative juices that are flowing in me to him, he's my mentor, aka, Master Dad.
Check it,

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