Monday, March 1, 2010

Savannah, GA

We left right after I got done work around 10, 1030ish, and as a passenger, the 12 hour ride down wasn't that bad at all until the last hour. We stopped a few times, got pulled over in VA for being from NJ. Thank god the cop didn't get there a few moments earlier when I had a large buck knife out and I was shot gunning a coke, because I almost got shot by the cop. Rich started to laugh hysterically and got yelled at. We found Oasis rest stop, the best rest stop ever. It was like Rainforest Cafe The Rest Stop. Got a sweet lighter from there. Our next stop was around 6am at Cafe Risque. It's a truck stop that is also a strip bar 24-7. We went in and were the only people in there except for the tired topless southern belle who served us coffee and toast. Hilarious dildos and sex toys, awesome t shirts and hats too. Best coffee in dixie. As we left the sun was coming up and we hit up South of The Boarder, which is the most insane and depressingly weird place to ever go to. They have a million billboards, all of the lights are flashy and awesome, everything has lights turned on but nothing is ever open. Have you ever seen an arcade with tons of games on and ready to be played but the doors are always locked? Creep show, yo. We passed an abandoned motel and wrote the address to explore on the ride home. The sun came up and Rich singing along to George Michael gave us some needed energy boost. At one point Lou and I started to look at our hands and realize how tired we were haha. We made it to Savannah around 1030ish. Rich, as promised, tried to shot gun a coke outside of Sam and Don's place, but fucked up since he's a n00b and got coke all over his head. It was awesome to see Sam and even better to wash my hands face and brush my teeth. The entire ride down consisted of jelly beans, coke and me flipping my knife out every 3 minutes, true story. After we unloaded our stuff we drove to Don's work to say hi. Last time I saw him was a long time ago when he was up for a week. I only got to say hi at karaoke to him. It was awesome to see him and this weekend made me realize how much I miss everyone hanging out. Anyway, Don gave Rich and I two beach cruisers and we rode those back to the house. 15 minutes into our trip and I was in a t shirt riding a bike around sunny GA. We got back to the house and decided to ride bikes around the area that Lou is familiar with. We rode up and down the water front and it made me think that this is how everyone feels in cape may and wildwood when they come down for the summer. Got back to the house, went to the store with Sam to get stuff for Don's birthday cake, and the second we got back, Lou and RIch were passed out. I fell asleep right after they did. Power napped and waited for Don to get home. Went to get burrito's for his birthday at T Rex Mex. It was really cool place that was playing Gaslight Anthem when we got there, instantly felt welcomed. Got an awesome fish taco and met a bunch of Don's cool friends. We had a huge crew there, hanged seriously so hard. After that we went back to the house and had cake. Lou helped design it, it was a Life Aquatic/Time Volcano cake, and was fucking amazing. After that we tried to find fireworks, but everything was closed, so we took some firecrackers and tossed them out of the window as we drove around. We found a 35ft mountain of dirt, cement bits, and glass. 

"Lou. Climb it." - Don

We stopped and as Lou was getting out of the car, I sprinted towards it and made it about a quarter way up. My feet started to sink in the dirt and I just couldn't get any higher. Lou, somehow defied laws of physics and made it to about 95% to the top. Don was a few feet behind him. I ran and made it to Don and he slingshotted me to Lou and he pushed me to the top. After that DOn and Lou made it up. After that we went home and passed the fuck out. Woke up at a decent time the next day, went and got smoothies then hit the flea market. 
I got two air soft guns for Rich and I (he stayed with his buds in Columbia that day), a switchblade for me and an eagle handle auto knife for Rich. Lou got socks and a copy of Mallrats on vhs. (we both forgot socks for the trip, so I opted not to wear any the whole time). Don got a huuuuuge patch of an eagle with an american flag that said Born in the USA, and a smaller one that said Field of Dreams with some weed leaves on it. So good. After that we went to Sam's friends house so Don and Lou could help her with a photo project, and then we got po'boys. I got a flounder po'boy with slaw and fries, and it was bangin. Went to the skate park after that and it was pretty fucking fun to skate in a t-shirt in the sun. Directly after that I got dropped off at Sam's and she drove me to where Don and Lou were playing bike polo. It looked super scary and intimidating, but I sucked it up and tried anyway. It was fucking addicting and so much fun, I even score a goal my second game. I don't remember the last time I felt so accomplished. We went home and got changed and headed out to get pizza. Don was allowing himself dairy for his birthday weekend for the first time in 7 years. We HOUSED 2 huge pizzas. I had 7 slices. I don't know how. After that Rich met back up with us, and we found an AWESOME karaoke bar. Had a huge crew again and everyone killed it on the mic. Lou and I did "PArty In The USA" even though the karaoke girl didn't have the words for it. It was so fun. We all went and climbed the 35ft rock mountain again and everyone made it to the top first try. We had 7 people standing on the tiny top and we were all howling at the full moon. We brought it in at the bottom with a group huddle and started to jump like a football team, so I started to sing the song from Remember The Titans. Rich and I stayed at this girls house because of more room to sleep, and we shot the shit out of her with the air soft guns. She ended up tazing me when I wasn't looking haha. Lou came and got us the next morning, and we got a hOw fuggin HoW southern breakfast. Biscuits and gravy with potatoes sucka. So good. 2 glasses of sweet tea also. All fueled up, we went to a monstrously large cemetery to walk around and look at cool gravestones. We walked to the boarder of it and it was a small cliff face with tons of rocks going straight down almost. Don, Lou and I decided to climb down it and back up, it was sketchy and awesome. After that we decided to all split up into 3 groups and walk around and find each other. Lou and Don, Sam and Kay(Don's cool buddy from bike polo), and Rich and I. We walked around, got some cool pics, ended up finding Don and Lou. We made it back to the car but Sam and Kay were nowhere to be found. We decided to go look for them again, but ended up just making a pentagram out of rocks in the road. Lou looked up spells to summon Creeper Demons, Witches, and a demon named BALTHAZAR (pretty much the fucking bad guy from Fantasia). Nothing was working, so he stood in the middle of the pentagram and cut his hand with a knife and dripped his blood on the rocks. I cannot explain to you how fucking hard we were all laughing. A car came and drove close to the pentagram and I'd be lying if we all didn't think the tires were going to explode as they drove over it haha. We found Sam and Kay and decided to head out. I can't remember if we did anything after that, I think we just drove home. Hopped in the shower, got dressed packed up the car and went to go have one final hang. We capped the trip with the best thing we could think of, milkshakes. They were awesome. Rich knocked over a 5 year old girl, while Lou and I both just knocked over "wet floor" signs. We walked around the downtown area and decided it was time to get going. We loaded up Lou's bike and had one more final huddle and sang more of Remember The Titans song. Don gave me his brass knuckles and I traded him my beer cozy for one of his. He also gave me a nice square of tree camo fabric and a cool bike polo patch. We got in the car put on some music and headed home. We stopped at South of the Boarder to see it all lit up, and yet still closed. We found that abandoned motel. Probably one of the creepiest places I have ever ran around. The full moon lit up a lot of the area, but it was rather terrifying running through the halls and into the center of it. Jumped back in the car and headed to Cafe Risque for food. Got there and found out at night there is an 8 dollar cover. Nah. Got Hardee's at a gas station. The drive wasn't bad, but 4-6 I was really feeling tired. We ended up pulling over around 6 to nap for 20 minutes and let the sun come up to wake us up. Made one more rest station stop and headed to Philadelphia. Looking at the city made me wish I could go to GA every other weekend, or at least have everyone hang out hard like we used to. Got back to my bed around 9, took a nice little nap. Work at 4 today. Can't wait to show Tina my new switchblade. 
Easily one of the best weekends I've ever had. We were weekend warrior wolves and we took dixie by storm. I can't wait to go back and eat another po'boy. 

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