Sunday, April 5, 2009

I saw the Arthur Russell documentary, Wild Combination. It was one of the way better doc's I've seen on someone. He was a really strange dude who made tons and tons of crazy music. It was a good watch and I recommend it to anyone.

I skated with Tim and Kyle this week too. My spring break was pretty good, despite some shitty weather. This skate day made up for the ass rain. Kyle and I went to the Art Museum and warmed up with some flat on the bike path. Once Tim got there we went and skated the fountain. It was awesome, hot, and mad fun yo. Filmed a 5-0 to fakie, shit ya brah! Did it a few different times to see if what one looked best. I liked the first one I did, but the film was kinda beat, and the last one I did, except I touched the wall. Oh well, whateva broseph.

Yeah, the last one was bitchin. Went past the wax marks, yeah, pumped on it!

Still listening to Sad Dads about everyday too. Band rules.
I made an hour long mix a few days ago. It was mostly 90's hip hop and r&b. I recorded the songs off of youtube onto a garageband track, so it was one long track and sounded like a shitty tape. I am really pumped on it.

Kira, Rus and I went to Emma's Dads funeral today down in Dennisville. It was nice and Emma was pumped to see us. I also had Rus cut my hair later.
We ended up cutting the rait tail off. I was kinda bummed. I really wanted one and was excited for it, but it just didn't work the way I thought it would in my head. I pictured one of those long swirling beauties you see on 7 year old red neck kids. My hair is just to thick and curly to really pull it off. So we cut it, but we left a lil extra on the back, it looks more like a turtle tail now.
Went to the mall and got sushi, saw Spencer at Verizon so Kira could get her new phone. Spencer is hilarious, we talked about a bunch of funny shit. Got back to the cit later and ended up walking to the park and sitting for a lil while. It was so nice out tonight, really a nice time in the park. After that got Lorenzo's with Paul and Allison. Caught up with them about their trip to Florida over the break. Ran into Marky Hickman on my walk back home, haha, totally random.

I am making a new comic for my friend. It's gonna be called "2 dads". It should be explosive, but I don't think you would disaprove. I don't think you would disaprove.

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