Monday, May 4, 2009

Portfolio review this Thursday at Moore.
Not pumped. Just have a nervous feeling about it. I hear people just get torn up at these things. Spending all day finishing up stuff and making business cards, might even get my website if I have time. New computer this week. Pumped.
Watched Suspiria twice this week too, good shit.
Seamus is moving up, hopefully, would be awesome.
I hope I get everything done for portfolio by tomorrow night, and just print on Wednesday. Kira's work is taking everyone to an AC Surfs game with free food and stuff on Thursday morning/afternoon. I really hope I have time to go. Review starts at 6, would like to be there at 5:15ish. We'll see.
Applebee's Karaoke Championship this week, and I am ready to take the gold.
Fuck yeah

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