Thursday, May 7, 2009

Portfolio review went awesome, pumped.
Karaoke tonight didn't happen, bummed.
Nothing tonight happened, bummed.
My nights are usually very boring, probably my own fault.
I need more excitement in life, my own fault.
Drawing comics and watching movies doesn't cut it anymore.
If I were cool I would have shown my comics at the review
and tossed out my design stuff, if I were cool.
Simple things get me pumped, but it's hard to ride that feeling for long these days.
It used to be easy, but maybe that's life. I'm not sure yet.
I'll just let the life in me dry up soon so I can get on and be able to deal with dullness.
Until then I'm not sure what I'll pour the life I have into so it gets wasted faster.
Maybe a karaoke contest that really gets me nowhere in life,
or a made up yearbook of just me that makes me look insane.
I just wanna get it all out of my system sooner than later.

Few things I can count on these days are Sad Dads, learning about Baseball from Donald
and Mad Max being probably one of the most powerful stories ever.

I don't know if I mean any of this.
Well, the Sad Dads, Donald and Mad Max part are true.

This stuff makes me feel like I'm rotting my teeth out of my mouth with candy and soda,
in the good way.

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