Monday, June 1, 2009

Kira and I drove to Cape May yesterday and went to the beach with Emma, Seamus, and Steph. Steph's family met us down there too. It was awesome, even though the water was kinda cold. I got the most gnarly sun burn ever. I felt sick to my stomach last night and had the shakes and shit. It wasn't fun haha. After the beach Kira and I met up with Emma in OCean City for some fries and banana whips. First one of the season, woo! Emma seriously drank the two hugest fucking lemonades I have ever seen, and a seagull almost shit on her. Nice. Quarter is almost done. I need to get cracking on my final portfolio/comparative religions paper/my philly fun guide group project/ website/ getting an internship/ if I don't get the campbells internship, get a job/ fudge.

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