Tuesday, June 9, 2009

*skate nerd alert*

these posts are usually just aimed towards seamus and kwame

Anyway, I saw the new Sk8mafia video today. It was fucking sick. I have always liked the team, and Peter Smolik has always been a great skater. But for some reason, these guys get looked over a lot. The new video was mainly the am's, and it was awesome. The music was sick and the skating was a no gimmick just raw creative shit type of deal.
My favorite parts were Tyler Surrey, Jamie Palmore, and Wes Kramer. They were the ones that really got me pumped. 

Surrey kills it. Classic style and sick tricks. Good Part

Palmore has been one of the guys to look out for since a bunch of random parts started 
popping up on the internet. His ledge tricks are so awesome and he has a clean ass style.

and of course, Wes Kramer. I never like this dude.
Actually, I made it a point to say I didn't like him, just based on his interviews. 
He kind of sounded like a douche. But after some new interviews and this part, 
he is defiantly one of the stand out kids to me. I mean, Holy fucking gap to
nosegrind(in the opening line). And the song was fucking ill too. All in all,
this dude has great style, sick tricks, helluva pop and delivers with this part.

The whole video is viewable online, I suggest you watch it, it is worth it!

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